June 21, 2024

Why You Need a Dash Cam

Driving can be unpredictable, and accidents can happen when you least expect them. Whether you want to capture breathtaking scenery during a road trip or protect yourself from potential insurance fraud, a dash cam is an essential car accessory. With a DIY dash cam, you can easily install and customize your device to fit your needs.

The Benefits of DIY

By creating your own dash cam using the interior light wiring of your Fiesta, you have the advantage of personalization and cost savings. Traditional dash cams can be expensive and often lack the features you desire. With a DIY approach, you can tailor your dash cam to your specific requirements.

Gather the Necessary Materials

To get started, gather the following materials:

  • Dash cam
  • Micro SD card
  • Interior light wiring
  • Wire connectors
  • Electrical tape
  • Trim removal tools

Make sure to choose a dash cam that suits your needs and fits seamlessly into your Fiesta’s interior.

Prepare Your Vehicle

Before you begin the installation process, park your Fiesta in a safe and well-lit area. Disconnect the negative terminal of your car battery to prevent any electrical mishaps during the installation. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Remove the Interior Light Cover

Using trim removal tools, carefully remove the cover of your interior light. Be gentle to avoid causing any damage to the surrounding area. Once the cover is removed, locate the wiring that powers the interior light. This is where you will connect your dash cam.

Connect the Dash Cam

Using wire connectors, connect the wiring of your dash cam to the interior light wiring. Make sure to match the positive and negative connections correctly. Once the connections are secure, use electrical tape to secure the wires and prevent any potential hazards.

Test Your DIY Dash Cam

Now it’s time to test your creation! Reconnect the negative terminal of your car battery and turn on your Fiesta. Check if the dash cam powers on and starts recording when the interior light is activated. Adjust any settings or angles as necessary to ensure optimal video quality.

Secure and Conceal the Wiring

After confirming that your DIY dash cam is working correctly, tidy up the wiring to give your installation a professional look. Use cable ties or adhesive clips to secure the wiring along the interior panels, keeping it out of sight and preventing any distractions while driving.

Enjoy the Benefits of Your DIY Dash Cam

Now that your DIY dash cam is successfully installed, you can enjoy the peace of mind and other benefits it provides. Whether you’re capturing stunning road trip footage or ensuring your safety on the road, your custom dash cam will be a valuable addition to your Fiesta.


Creating a DIY dash cam using the interior light wiring of your Fiesta is a cost-effective and customizable solution to your recording needs. With the right materials and careful installation, you can have a functional dash cam that seamlessly integrates into your car’s interior. So, capture every moment on the road and stay protected with your very own DIY dash cam!